Penetration Testing Company

We specialize in conducting penetration testing (PenTest) or vulnerability scanning services with yearly partner plans and flexible payment options.

HACK TEST ME provides value by identifying security gaps and recommendations for securing your most valuable assets to remain in business and stay compliant, information.

Our experts have up-to-date industry certifications, education, and experience for penetration testing (PenTest). Common certifications held are CISSP, CEH, eJPT, OSCP, GIAC.

We offer the following types of digital penetration testing:


  • Wi-Fi
  • External Server Networks
  • DMZ/Firewall
  • Internal Server Networks
  • Targeted Workstations
  • Applications (Web/API)
  • Compliance Driven

Continue reading on why you should get a penetration test (PenTest) or vulnerability scan done asap.

Why do I need a PenTest or scan?

Penetration testing or vulnerability scanning helps protect businesses and/or personal information from potential damages.

The main reasons for wanting a penetration test or vulnerability scan are:

  • Reduce future cyber incidents (ransomware, data theft)
  • Meet compliance requests (PII, PHI, PCI, HIPAA)
  • Independent 3rd party review (unbiased audit)
  • Protect Intellectual Property

We offer partnership plans for businesses that want to properly secure their information and keep up with technology advancements.

New threats come out each day, let us help you defend against them.

We provide a good balance for what is required by law, industry recommended, or our added premium services such as implementation guidance and awareness consulting via an access retainer option.

Penetration Testing (PenTest)

Vulnerability Scan Or Penetration Testing (PenTest) ?

A vulnerability scan identifies weaknesses in a system, network, or application, usually using automated tools. Penetration testing goes further by simulating real-world attacks to exploit vulnerabilities and assess the extent of potential damage. While a scan finds vulnerabilities, a penetration test (PenTest) demonstrates how they can be exploited and their impact. – ChatGPT

Vulnerability Scan

  • Basic Recon and Tools
  • Scans for known public exploits
  • Provides standard report output
  • Report is ONLY shared directly with client
  • Does NOT attempt any exploit

Penetration Test

  • Vulnerability, plus…
  • Advanced Recon
  • Attempt to exploit vulnerabilities
  • Horizontal escalations
  • Vertical Privilege Escalations
  • Executive Summary Report
  • Manual Review

Flexible options for vulnerability scan or penetration testing (PenTest)

We offer different plans to meet your scope, timeline, and budget. Start off with a vulnerabilty scan and/or move into more advanced penetration testing as time goes on. If you puchase a penetration test, vulnerability scan is included.

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